Iplom sells petroleum products which are almost entirely processed at the Iplom refinery. 
In Italy, Iplom mainly operates in the North Italy domestic wholesale market selling petrol, diesel, fuel oil with a very low sulphur content and bitumen from the loading bays in the refinery in Busalla (GE), from the storage facility in Libarna (Alessandria) and the SIGEMI storage facility in Lacchiarella (Milan). 
Iplom also markets and distributes fuel through investee companies in the automotive diesel fuel, agricultural and heating diesel fuel, industrial fuel oil as well as road and modified bitumen consumer market segments. 

Particular care is taken over the production of fuel destined for the Bunker sector to allow shipping operators to comply with International Maritime Organisation (IMO) provisions to limit the sulphur content of emissions in shipping. 
n 2018, Iplom started to produce fuel oil with a very low sulphur content (0.1%) destined for Northern European ports. In January 2020 (the same date the standards were issued), Iplom started to produce fuel oil with a maximum sulphur content equal to 0.5% in line with updated IMO standards which require all shipping without an approved exhaust gas scrubber system on board, and operating outside Emission Control Areas (ECA - USA and Northern Europe), to comply with a 0.5% sulphur limit. 

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